Privacy Policy


Introuduction: This section expalins the privacy policy for collected data in both Lazeez apps and Lazeez website. All Lazeez users including members and visitors should read this privacy policy. By visiting or ordering from Lazeez, you agree to the use of your personal data as set out in this policy.

Policy for collecting data: Lazeez collects many data and information from customers, home restaurants for the purpose of creating a new account including name, mobile number, email, password, personal address ... etc. Home restaurants provide data and information on the menu they wish to display on the site, including food items and their pictures. The drivers can not register directly from the site or apps but through the home restaurant where the home restaurant creates accounts for the drivers. Lazeez is not responsible for any data provided by the drivers. Lazeez will not collect any sensitive data such as credit card information as payment is made only in cash when the order is received from the driver.Home resurants should pay their commesion or membership fees via offline bank depoist only. Lazeez will not bear any responsibilities about any information provided by any user in this regard.

Data protection: Lazeez is committed to protecting users' information as possible. Lazeez shares customer information with home restaurants and drivers including personal data and contact numbers. Lazeez reserves the right to disclose personal data if necessary to any third parties, including government and judicial authorities. Lazeez is commited not to sell information or data to third parties. Lazeez will also use all reasonable endeavours to save data from unauthorized access by any third parties, but Lazeez is not legally responisble in the event of unauthorized data access.

The required permissions to use applications: To use Lazeez applications, such as a client application, a home restaurant application, or a driver application, you will need to allow Lazeez applications to access location. Therefore, please make sure that applications are allowed to access location from the permissions section. Lazeez apps will not ask you for any other permissions. If you want to add/change your profile photo, add/change your menu photos you can do this via the web application associated with the Lazeez.

Right to amend privacy policy: Lazeez may change this privacy policy at any time by adding/modifying/deleting of any of the terms contained in this privacy policy. No notice will be sent by e-mail or mobile about change in privacy policy but privacy policy will be updated on the site.